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Kelly Poynor
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AMSOIL Direct Dealer in Pasco, WA 
Serving the Tri-Cities and surrounding area since 2007. Providing AMSOIL product to the Great U.S.A. 

The Man Behind Poynor's Motor Supplies

I was born and raised in the automotive industry. In 1976 when I was born, my parents opened up an automotive business called Poynor’s Motor Supply. This business was a parts house that was the go-to parts house and was very popular in the Tri-Cities area in Washington State. My parents Richard and Cathy Poynor and my uncle John and Gail Poynor were business partners, and they owned three Poynor’s Motor Supply part houses. Poynor Motor Supply was not your standard cookie cutter parts house. My dad and uncle are very knowledgeable mechanics that went above and beyond for customers of the stores. 

I raced stock car from 1995-2001. During that time frame, I had won over 50+ races and also had my first child in 1997 Katarina. In 1999 I had my second child Alexandria, although I loved racing stock car I had to make a big decision. 


It was at that time I decided to join the U.S. Air Force as a Security Forces member. I take my role to represent you my customer with the best possible service an AMSOIL dealer has to offer. My loyalty to you and your vehicles is unmatched. I proudly served in the U.S. Air Force and had taken the professionalism I developed while in the military and have applied that to the service I provide my customer’s and other AMSOIL dealers that decide to join the team as an AMSOIL dealer with me. I hold close to my heart the core values the Air Force has ingrained in me. 

Integrity, service before self and excellence in all I do. After the Air Force, I choose a new direction and began my career out at the Hanford Site as a Security Police Officer on the Tactical Response Team (TRT). I have been out at Hanford since 2005-present. While working for MSA as a TRT member, I opened up Poynor’s Motor Supplies in 2007. Every year I set up a booth at the Sportsman Show at the TRAC center in Pasco, WA that is held in January of every year. 

At this function, it allows AMSOIL Dealers that I work with and myself to meet new AMSOIL customers and we sell quite a bit of AMSOIL products. While working as a TRT member and opening up Poynor’s Motor Supplies, in 2012 I went and got my Real Estate license. I have been very successful selling real estate for sellers and helping buyers find their families dream home. I have continued all three occupations, and I am currently expanding on my AMSOIL business. I have helped multiple AMSOIL dealerships throughout the country build their own AMSOIL business and continue to service my retail and preferred customers. I want to end by letting you know my committment to you and the people you know. 

I am entirely committed to providing you, your friends and family with top notch customer service and to answer any questions any of you may have about AMSOIL and its products.  I work seven days a week from 8am-9pm. I have in stock a nice size of inventory which allows me to supply customers sameday with orders customers may need filled. I look forward to hearing from you and everyone you know. 

If you are interested in selling or buying a new home, You can call, text or email me at 

(509) 554-3856
God Bless, Kelly

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 (509) 554-3856

 4227 Galway Lane
Pasco, WA, 99301
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