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Do you know how to tell if your vehicle is in need of a synthetic oil change? If you fail to provide it, your engine and your economy may suffer. To keep this important maintenance task in check, read through this post.

How to Tell if Your Vehicle Requires a Synthetic Oil Change

The synthetic oil you use for your engine takes care of it, lubricates it and coats it with a protective layer that keeps it from wasting away from all of the friction that goes on between its moving parts when it is running. Still, it is not eternal. For it to perform successfully, it needs to be changed every so often. If you're wondering how often exactly, here are a few tips that can help you know it's time to do so.

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You Haven't Changed the Oil in X Amount of Miles

Yes, this first tip very vague and not particularly helpful, but this is because the number of miles a vehicle can go before it is in dire need of a synthetic oil change depends on a few different variables. For instance, you should consider the vehicle's age, its maintenance records, the use it's given, the terrains it cruises through, among other determining factors. It is true that you shouldn't drive on the same oil after a certain number of miles, however, so for a more specific number, it is best to visit a professional mechanic or read through the owner's manual.

The Last Replacement Was Over a Year Ago

The number of miles isn't the only number you should remember if you want to keep your engine as a well-oiled machine. On the contrary, you should also be aware of how many months ago you last replaced this essential lubricant. If you know it's been over a year, then it's high-time you provide some fresh oil (even if you didn't use the vehicle much), as it's likely it is not in the best shape anymore. If your memory isn't the best at remembering dates, it's suggested that you keep a notebook where you write down the exact date and the number of bottles needed for every oil change.

The Oil in Your Vehicle Has a Darker Color and Coarser Texture

The oil's job, as mentioned above, is to coat the moving components in your engine; protecting them against friction and premature wear, and smoothing out the processes that go on between them. However, this essential task can't be completed successfully if the oil is dirty! In fact, dirty oil can actually accelerate the engine's wear and hinder its performance, since the dust particles will make the oil rougher. But how do you tell if your oil is dirty? Simple! Take a look at it: if you notice it's become a darker color and has a coarser texture, it's dirty and needs to be replaced!

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The Levels of the Synthetic Oil Aren't Where They Should Be

Not only is it necessary that the synthetic oil in your engine has a specific color and texture, it should also be at the desired levels to ensure it will provide the service you need it for. That's why you should check your oil's levels. To do so, it is as easy as doing a dipstick test. First, park your vehicle on leveled ground. Then, after the engine has cooled down, take the dipstick out and wipe it with a piece of cloth. Stick it back in, only to remove it once more. The oil level should be between the two marks in the dipstick. If it's below the lowest one, your vehicle needs more oil.

The Dashboard Is Telling You It is Time

By now, you may be thinking: "if there only was a way for my vehicle to tell me it needs more oil!" Well, there is: the dashboard. If you're familiar with it, you know that certain signs light up on it depending on the needs your vehicle has. The problem is, many people choose to ignore said signs and drive their vehicle without following up on them. If you've been known to do that in the past but are prepared to change your ways, pay attention to your dashboard, and change your vehicle's oil whenever you see that the "Oil" or "Check Engine" signs are turned on.

Your Engine is Exhibiting Odd Behavior

This final sign is also a very obvious one, but it should be mentioned nonetheless. If your engine is exhibiting odd behavior (in the form of weird noises, or unusual jumpiness), then it may be due to a need of new synthetic oil. In those cases, perform the replacement as soon as possible to see if that fixes the issue. Even if it does, however, it's still a good idea to visit a reliable mechanic who can assess if everything is working as desired in your engine.

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