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Changing the oil in your vehicle is a crucial maintenance task. Learn a few tips that can help you do it expertly through this post by Poynor's Motor Supplies in Pasco, WA.

How to Give Your Engine an Expert Motor Oil Change

Changing the oil in your vehicle is a crucial maintenance task that you should do with some regularity. Still, contrary to what you may believe, you don't need to go to a mechanic to get it done; you can do it yourself if you know how to. If you have an idea of what this entails but would like some additional guidance to get this job done like an expert, continue reading.

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Employ Only the Best Products for Your Engine

Caring for your engine is serious business, which is why you should make sure that the products you use to keep it properly maintained will be able to protect it, lubricate it, and prolong its lifespan. For example, using a high quality synthetic oil, such as AMSOIL, will keep it in mint condition, ensuring that it'll stay strong and powerful for years to come.

Know If Your Engine Requires New Oil

The motor oil you feed your vehicle is meant to protect and lubricate the engine. However, with time and use, that oil is rendered useless, which is why it needs to be replaced every so often. If you want to do a good job at maintaining your engine, one of the best things you can do is learn when your vehicle needs new oil. It's often recommended that you change the oil after a few thousand miles. The exact number of miles, however, will depend, as St. Charles Insurance mentions, on the use you give your vehicle, the terrain you drive through, the temperatures around it, among other elements you should consider.

Learn to Read the Dipstick

Another way to know if your engine requires new oil, is by reading the dipstick. As you may know, the oil needs to be at a certain level for it to provide the required protection, and the dipstick can let you know if that's the case. To read it, you will first need to park in an even terrain. After the engine has cooled off, take the dipstick off and wipe it clean. Then, put it back in its place for a few seconds. Take it out once more and notice the oil mark. If it's between the two marks in the stick, you're good to go. If it's below the lowest mark, it needs more oil. If it's above the highest mark, you should pour some oil out.

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Warm Up the Motor Oil to Drain It

Before you add new oil into your vehicle, you should drain the old one. An expert tip you can use to make this step easier, is to turn on your vehicle and let the oil get warmer for a few minutes. This will help it have more fluidity. Beware, however, as heating the oil too much can be dangerous. If you've gone overboard, let the oil cool down once more so it doesn't burn you.

Keep the Jack Supported

Needless to say, you want to be as safe as possible when you're changing the oil. That's why this next tip will show you how you can remain unharmed while you're working underneath your vehicle. As you know, you should use a jack to lift the vehicle enough to let you get under it. Still, you should never crawl under the vehicle if the jack isn't properly reinforced. A jack stand will help keep the vehicle in the right position while you work below it.

Document the Oil Changes

Last but not least, you should keep a record of the oil changes you've given your engine. Writing down the date, the amount of motor oil bottles you used, and other similar information, will allow you to keep better track of the oil replacements, which in turn will help you to take better care of your vehicle and its engine.

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