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If you want to spring clean your vehicle thoroughly, so it can be good as new once more, read and follow the tips mentioned in this post by Poynor's Motor Supplies in Pasco, WA.

How to Spring Clean Your Vehicle

Spring is here, and you know what that means: time to spring clean your vehicle! If you've never done it before, however, and you're unsure of how to go about it, this post can guide you through it.

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Take the Trash and Other Stuff Out

For some reason, people love to think of their vehicles as a deposit box where they can keep all kinds of random stuff (and sometimes, even trash). It's not uncommon to see junk in the trunk: clothing, shoes, old papers, literal garbage, among many other items. That's why, if you want to give your vehicle a thorough spring cleaning, you will have to start by taking all of the trash and random things out. Needless to say, you should throw the trash away, and return the misplaced items to their place of origin. Not only will this help you have a cleaner car, but a lighter car as well. This is important because, the heavier a vehicle is, the harder the engine has to work to move it around. So, by keeping only the necessary items in it, you're doing your engine a big, big favor.

Give It a Good Wash and Wax

Obviously, if the whole point of the spring clean is to have a spotless vehicle, then you will need to give it a good wash and wax. Contrary to what you may believe, however, this is not only to make the vehicle look pretty. In fact, having a dirty vehicle can be very detrimental to it. For starters, all of the dust particles and other filth will start to damage the paint, which will make your vehicle look ugly and will lessen its selling value immensely (unless you repaint it, which costs a lot of money). Furthermore, allowing dust and gunk to build up in your vehicle can actually interfere with its performance. This is because that nastiness can get into the vehicle's systems and make it harder for them to work as intended. This, of course, also expedites the vehicle's wear and tear process. So, this spring, remember to wash and wax your vehicle. This will keep it shiny, protected, and functional.

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Get Into Every Nook and Cranny

While the previous tip told you that you need to wash your vehicle, it's important that you know just how much attention you should be paying to its cleanliness. This means that you should clean out every detail and get into every nook and cranny until it is all spotless After all, a spring cleaning isn't a spring cleaning if it's not done thoroughly. To that end, wash the tires, dust the dashboard, vacuum the seats and floors, wipe down the wheel, and take care of every single detail. While you're at it, you should also remember to clean out the vehicle's insides, as well. This means that you should replace the dirty air and fuel filter with new, clean ones. It's also imperative that you check the vehicle's fluids (synthetic oil, transmission fluid, and more), to verify that they're not dirty and ineffective. If they are, replace them, too.

Pay a Professional Mechanic a Visit

And, since you're so into your vehicle's upkeep during this time of the year, you should pay a reliable mechanic a visit for a routine inspection. Needless to say, they have the know-how needed to evaluate your vehicle effectively, notice any areas that could bring you problems, and fine-tune what needs fine-tuning. Taking your vehicle to a mechanic on a regular basis (around twice a year, at least), will help you keep it in top working condition for longer. This can save you a lot of money and headaches throughout the years, so don't neglect it.

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