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Keeping your vehicle lubricated is essential to ensure it will work as expected for a long time. Read this post to learn what types of lubricants your vehicle requires for its proper functioning.

How to Lubricate Your Vehicle Properly

Your vehicle is a very complex machine. For it to work as expected, you need to maintain it properly. An important part of its maintenance is ensuring that it is lubricated well, as this could make a difference in its performance and lifespan. To ensure you will be able to lubricate your vehicle effectively, read through the post below.

The Motor Oil

For many professional mechanics, changing the motor oil in your engine whenever needed is the single most important maintenance job you should follow if you want to keep your vehicle in mint condition for longer. This is because the engine oil helps your motor run smoothly, since it lubricates and protects its components from the excessive friction that happens when those parts move. Unfortunately, the motor oil can thin out, get dirty, etc., which means it needs to get changed regularly.

One way to keep your engine in mint condition for longer, is to use the best synthetic oil in Pasco, WA, AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil. Call Poynor's Motor Supplies at (509) 554-3856 to place an order for it, today!

The Transmission Fluid

Whenever you're driving down the road, and you accelerate or change gears, you're making use of your vehicle's transmission system (whether you drive an automatic or manual). This is because the transmission system delivers the power you need to change your speed. Still, when it does its job, the transmission system's moving components have to go through a lot of stress, which can damage them badly. Enter, the transmission fluid, which much like the motor oil, is there to lubricate and protect.

The Brake Fluid

Adding to the list of incredibly important lubricants you should keep up with, is the brake fluid. However, this one does much more than just provide lubrication, as it is also a hydraulic fluid, meaning it aids in the transferring of power within the braking system. Needless to say, you want the brake fluid (and the whole system) to remain in mint condition to avoid accidents, which is why General Automotive Servicenter suggests getting it checked whenever you hear weird noises, notice odd behavior, or see leaks.

The Power Steering Fluid

Another substance that is a lubricant and a hydraulic fluid is the power steering fluid. As you may have guessed, it is the one responsible for helping out the power steering system which, in turn, is in charge of helping you steer and change directions when you drive. That's why, if you want to be able to drive smoothly, you should pay attention to the power steering fluid.

The Grease

The brake system, engine, transmission system, and power steering system aren't the only moving parts in your vehicle that require a lubricant. The wheel bearings, for example, also require lubrication and protection, however, they need a thicker substance that will prevent premature wear and tear. This is where grease comes in handy, as it will maintain those parts in perfect condition.

Whether you need transmission fluid, grease, or the best synthetic oil in Pasco, WA, call Poynor's Motor Supplies at (509) 554-3856 or visit AMSOIL's online store to place an order.

The Gear Lube

Oils or greases won't perform adequately for vehicles intended for heavy duty (e.g. big trucks), which is why, if you drive a powerful vehicle, you will need to feed it gear lube. This is because gear lube is designed to withstand extreme conditions, which is just what your heavy machinery needs.

The Penetration Lubricant

It's probable that at some point, one of the components in your vehicle will get stuck (for instance, a bolt). For those cases, you will also need to use a lubricant. Penetration lubricants, due to their thin consistency, are perfect for that purpose, since they can "penetrate" almost every nook and make it slippery.

The Dry Lubricant

Last but not least, you may need dry lubricants (e.g. graphite) in order to maintain your vehicle in perfect working shape. Much like the penetration lubricants, these ones are meant to seep into nooks and crannies to fix issues. Unlike the penetration lubricants, however, these work with no moisture at all, which makes them perfect for certain areas (like the door lock).

Call Poynor's Motor Supplies at (509) 554-3856 to learn how the continued use of AMSOIL products can save you time and money on your vehicle's maintenance, or to place an order for synthetic oil in Pasco, WA.


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