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If you want to be a better motorcycle rider during the new year, Poynor's Motor Supplies in Pasco, WA shares a few new year's resolutions you can keep to achieve just that.

New Year's Resolutions for Motorcycle Riders

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Be as Safe as Possible

Your well-being and life are not things you should even joke about, let alone put on the line. That's why, during the new year, you should make it a point to be a more careful and safety-conscious rider. Since your body is completely exposed to the elements and conditions around you when you ride, you will have to take a few extra safety measures, such as:
  • Never ever go riding without your protective gear. If you were to be in an accident, your helmet, your impact-resistant apparel, your gloves, your footwear, and other similar equipment will allow you to remain as unharmed as possible, and may even save your life.
  • As any other rider on the road, you should follow the traffic rules. Remember that they're designed to keep you and the people/drivers around you safe, so abide by them. Of course, you should try not to speed, do stunts, drive while drunk or high, run red lights, nor do anything else that your common sense tells you not to do.
  • To stay safe, you need to react to any situation in an appropriate manner. To that end, it's absolutely necessary that you're always aware while you ride. Pay attention to the road, the weather, the other drivers, and more.
  • Finally, make sure that a malfunctioning motorcycle won't get in the way of your efforts to remain safe. Provide regular maintenance to it to keep it working properly.

Work on Keeping It in Mint Shape

Aside from putting you in danger, a motorcycle that doesn't work as desired can waste your money and time, and can give you a ton of headaches. If you want to avoid all of this negativity during the new year, make the resolution to keep your motorcycle in mint shape. To do so, you will need to put in the effort:
  • For starters, be sure to wash and wax your motorcycle on a regular basis. Filth and dirt can make it look bad, but they can also do much worse. After some time, they will start to eat away at it, accelerating its wear and tear, and interfering with its performance.
  • The engine is the single most important part of your motorcycle. To maintain it properly, you need to change its synthetic oil whenever it needs it. Feeding it new oil will keep its processes smooth, will help regulate its temperature, will decrease the signs of damage, and may even improve its performance.
  • To guarantee that your motorcycle is in the best condition it can be, you will need to take it to a professional mechanic at least once every six months. They will evaluate it and fine-tune it so you can ride it successfully.
  • Last, you need to notice your motorcycle's functioning as well. Only you can detect the moment something goes wrong, so pay attention so you can fix those issues promptly. It's even suggested that you do a quick inspection round before each time you ride.

Take Full Advantage of Your Motorcycle

As you probably read already, it is crucial that you stay safe while riding and that you maintain your motorcycle properly during the new year. However, it is equally important that you take full advantage of your motorcycle. After all, if you own a motorcycle, it's likely that you love riding it, so do more of that during this new year. To that end:
  • Set riding dates on your calendar: write them down so you're obligated to make time to ride your motorcycle more during the new year.
  • You should also try visiting new places. Exploring and getting adventurous on your motorcycle can make riding even more fun, so plan a trip to a nearby town you don't know.
  • If you want, you could even join a group of motorcycle riders. You can go riding with them and share experiences, which will make riding a more social and enjoyable activity.
  • Lastly, if you already take full advantage of your motorcycle, consider buying a new one, so you can start expanding your family of motor-powered two wheelers.

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