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Even though the fall season is here, your vehicle's engine can still overheat. To learn how to deal with that situation in an effective manner, read this post by Poynor's Motor Supplies in Pasco, WA.

How to Manage an Overheated Engine

While it is true that the hot weather can increase the possibility of having an overheated engine, this less-than-ideal situation can happen all year round, even when it's colder outside. This is why you should always be prepared to deal with it effectively, even if it's fall. To help you out in this department, this post will share tips on how you can manage having an overheated engine.

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Err on the Side of Caution

If you've experienced the dread and annoyance that comes with an overheated engine in the past, then you know that it is far better to take certain precautions than to deal with the situation. Plus, if your vehicle has overheated in the past, it's possible that it will do so again. To stay prepared, you should do the following:
  • Make sure that your vehicle is maintained properly. A professional mechanic can keep it in mint shape, and check for blockage or leaks that could lead to an overheated engine.
  • Keep some coolant or a bottle of water in your vehicle. This way, you'll be able to cool down the engine if it overheats.
  • Lastly, remember to change the vehicle's synthetic oil as required to keep your engine's temperature stable.

Have the Appropriate Reaction

If your engine has overheated before, then you know how it feels when its temperature is rising (basically, it can seem heavy, become jumpy, and produce some weird noises). If you notice these first signs of an overheated engine, do the following:
  • Keep an eye out for the temperature gauge, as it will indicate if the engine is getting hotter and hotter.
  • Once you've confirmed that the engine is hot, turn your air conditioning off so as to not stress the engine more than required.
  • If the tip above doesn't do much, blast the heater on. This will help move some of the heat away from the engine.
After you've tried these tips, check the temperature gauge to see if the crisis has been averted.

Try to Stop as Soon as Possible

If despite your best efforts, the tips in the previous entry didn't control the situation, you will need to find a place to stop as soon as you can. Still, this isn't always a possibility, since in some cases, you will be stuck in traffic. If that's the case, relax. You can opt for setting your vehicle to "Neutral" to let the engine chill for a bit. Another option would be to move at a slow and steady pace (avoiding braking or speeding too often) until you find a place where you can stop. Once again, this will help alleviate some of the engine's stress.

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Help Your Engine Cool Down

After you have found the right place to stop, you will need to turn your vehicle off completely to allow the engine to rest. Then, you should:
  • Turn on your hazard lights in case you're near traffic, to signalize to other drivers that you're having trouble.
  • Open the vehicle's hood to get some air to the engine and help it cool down faster.
  • Let enough time pass before you do anything. you should wait around 30 minutes to avoid getting burned by the engine.
  • Take a bottle of water or coolant and pour it into the reservoir to help control the engine's temperature. As CarsDirect states, the coolant will absorb the heat and transport it away from the engine.
After you've completed this "to do" list, you should be able to turn your vehicle and drive it around without much trouble.

Visit a Reliable Mechanic

As a last tip, be sure to take your vehicle to a mechanic soon after your engine overheated. This is a necessary step, since it's probable that an issue (like a leaky cooling system) is making your engine overheat. So, lest you want this to happen again, visit a mechanic who can evaluate your vehicle and fix any problems they find with it.

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