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Your vehicle's fluids are what keeps it running as expected. To learn what these key players are and how you should maintain them, read this post by Poynor's Motor Supplies.

How to Take Care of Your Vehicle's Fluids

Your body needs water for you to stay healthy and alive. Similarly, your vehicle requires certain fluids for it to run smoothly. So, much like you need to drink water regularly in order to survive, you need to ensure your vehicle's thirst is satisfactorily quenched if you want it to perform as desired for years to come. For a few tips on what fluids your vehicle needs and how to maintain them, continue reading.

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Let's begin with the most basic of fluids your vehicle needs in order to run: gasoline. Since your vehicle works with an internal combustion engine, it needs fuel if you want it to move you around. You should note, however, that you should refill your gas tank when the gauge is close to the 1/4 mark. Neglecting to do so may mean that your engine will pick up the fuel at the bottom of the tank (which is often filled with gunk), and force that nastiness to run through the engine, damaging it much faster than usual.

Brake Fluid

In the last entry, we talked about how gasoline is what your vehicle needs to move. Well, on this occasion, we'll go over what your vehicle needs in order to stop moving (or in some cases, simply slow down): brake fluid. The brake fluid has two very important jobs: one is to lubricate and protect the moving components that make up the braking system. The other is to transfer the force that allows a vehicle to brake. Needless to say, it's crucial that you check your brake fluid once in awhile, and that you replace it when you see fit, lest you want to experience brake failure.

Synthetic Oil

The engine is, without a doubt, the main component in your vehicle. It is the muscle of the operation and it has the very strenuous job of making your vehicle move. As you can imagine, all of the stress the engine endures can take its toll on it after some time, causing it to overheat and break down. Luckily, we live in a world where synthetic oil exists, which is responsible for lubricating the engine, protecting its components, extending its lifespan, and helping it run smoothly. For it to do a good job, however, it needs to be changed with some frequency.  To learn when to perform the replacement, read this post.

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When your vehicle runs, the engine gets hot. As mentioned above, there's the possibility that your engine will overheat if it's been running for some time. However, that possibility increases when you haven't been taking good care of your vehicle's cooling system. As its name states, the cooling system is in charge of lowering the engine's temperature; but to do so, it requires another important fluid for your vehicle: coolant. Check that the coolant levels are as desired so your vehicle doesn't shut down due to an overheated engine.

Power Steering Fluid

By now, you probably got the sense that all of the fluids mentioned in this post are absolutely necessary to your vehicle's proper functioning. Well, this one is no exception: the power steering fluid is pretty special since it helps the power steering system (which helps you drive, turn, and change the direction of on your vehicle) perform smoothly. So, if you want your vehicle's driveability to remain intact, replace the power steering fluid when you see it's gotten dirty or it's not at the required level.

Transmission Fluid

Finally, the transmission fluid is the one that helps the transmission system, which allows you to control your vehicle's power and change gears/speed. Like some of the other fluids in this list, the transmission fluid also helps protect the components in its respective system against the incessant friction that goes on between them. Much like those other fluids, it also needs to be inspected with some regularity and replaced whenever it becomes dirty or gritty.

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