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 Car accidents can be extremely dangerous and potentially life-threatening. To ensure you avoid them, read through this post and try to stay away from the most common reasons for car accidents. 

Common Reasons for Car Crashes

Every year, 37,000 people die in the United States alone due to a car crash, according to the Association for Safe International Road Travel. This number doesn't include those who were severely injured or handicapped because of an accident. If you want to ensure you're not part of this statistic, read the post below, so you don't fall victim to the most common reasons for car crashes.

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Distracted Driving

In a split second, the situation on the road can change, and you need to be on high alert to react to it efficiently, so you and the people around you can remain as safe as possible. Unfortunately, not everybody is paying attention to the road 100% of the time, which is why distracted driving is one of the most common causes for car crashes. Texting, talking, eating, and more, can all take a driver's attention from the road, making it much more likely that they'll get in a car crash. Avoid it to avoid accidents.

Ignoring Traffic Signs

Running a red light, exceeding the speed limit, ignoring "Stop" signs, turning where you're not supposed to, and more, are all surefire ways to get into an accident. This is because traffic signs are there for a reason: to keep you and all others on and around the road safe. Furthermore, when you see a traffic sign, it has been placed there strategically to let you know of the best way to navigate through the road, so be sure to follow it if you don't want a mishap to occur.

Malfunctioning Vehicles

An important part of driving safely is having a safe vehicle to drive in. After all, you won't be able to get to your destination unharmed if your brakes, engine, tires, or other vehicle component breaks down while you're speeding down the road. That's why, you should do a good job at maintaining your vehicle. This not only means that you fix it when it has issues, but that you take it to a mechanic on a regular basis for routine inspections. Through them, they'll evaluate the vehicle's condition and fine-tune every component so it can work perfectly.

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Disregarding the Weather Conditions

When you drive, you should also pay attention to the weather conditions, since rain, hail, fog, snow, or other kind of precipitation can make driving much more dangerous. However, many people are unprepared for those conditions or don't know how to react to them properly, which results in them getting into car crashes. To avoid being part of a mishap during bad weather conditions, drive defensively, keep more distance with other cars, mind the wet roads, drive slowly, care for your vision, use the safety features in your vehicle, and generally, be even more careful than you normally are.

Driving Drunk or High

If you've ever been drunk or high, you know what it can do to your senses, your decision making skills, your motor skills, your judgement, your reaction time, and more. As you can imagine, that is not how you should be driving dangerous, heavy machinery! For that reason, you should absolutely avoid driving while drunk or high. Not only could that end in a disastrous (and potentially fatal) crash, but it can get you in trouble with the law as well. If you are under the influence, wait to sober up, or have a sober person drive you.

Drowsy Driving

If you're falling asleep behind the wheel, you'll be better off if you stop to rest for awhile or if you have one of your passengers drive for you (if possible). This is because driving while tired often leads to car accidents as, once again, it can impair your responses, your motor skills, your senses, and more. It's not a good idea to depend on sugar or caffeine to wake up, either, since they may not be as effective as you think at keeping your attention on the road.

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